Stay tuned for the opening date of Indigos Brick and Mortar opening in September!!

Indigo Clothing and Upgrades and Changes!

Hi there and Happy Spring to you! It is starting to look like there is some light at the end of the tunnel of the Covid-19 pandemic here in San Luis Obispo County in California! As a brick a mortar store as well as online store, we wanted to share the changes happening with our store. Indigo Clothing, which was located at 5940 El Camino Real in Atascadero, CA, has moved out of the location during the pandemic..Why? Well let us explain. We insist on having a store front only if it is in the sweet spot of the shopping/eatery and brewery area of our little town. We prefer to have a place that is inspiring and fun and part of the synergy of our unique area, we were not feeling that in the store we had before. It was a neat building but for a few reasons, did not meet the needs we require for your shopping experience and for our happiness and peace as a business! 

So, what we have done is moved our secondary selling platform,, to our primary selling platform! This could not have worked out better for us considering that we could not have thru traffic in the store anyway for the last month! So all new merchandise can be viewed, purchased and thus, enjoyed through the comfort of shopping from your own Livingroom in your sweatpants now! This change has really opened many avenues for us as we now have much less overhead which has enabled us to carry more volume of inventory and more pieces to make up complete outfits from head to toe! So exciting!

We are actively seeking a new location for a store front once again in Atascadero! We will, of course, keep you in the loop when we land ourselves a new place! We can't wait to paint walls, decorate and do something special for you to enjoy upon visiting our next location! For now, we will keep our website as cute and current as we can and we will continue to communicate and stay connected to you here! Please reach out with any comments or questions!