Stay tuned for the opening date of Indigos Brick and Mortar opening in September!!

About Indigo Outfitter

Indigo Clothing ( is an online boutique on the Central Coast of California in wine country! Our apparel is designed for petite women. We are very proud to campaign self love and self care! We practice helping women to get out of their comfort zones and to embrace their sexy side through our apparel. Our motto is to Always Show Skin Somewhere and we mean it. We are huge fans of women loving their custom body and showing it off with no apologies to ANYONE! We don't allow our customers to self body shame! We say turn your insecurities into your biggest challenge and show off what you thought you couldn't but really wanted to. We celebrate you and want you to feel good and happy and confident so that you can thrive and enjoy life bigger and better! We are proud to carry brands designed and/or made in Los Angeles, CA. I am a true California native and I love bringing you new and exciting items to keep you inspired to go out with friends and family in style and feeling fabulous! When you shop on our website, you're supporting my dream as a mom, wife and entrepreneur to build a retail empire of fun!